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a an the

I all another another any anybody anyone anything both each each either everybody everyone everything few he her hers herself him himself his i it it's its itself many me mine more most much my myself neither no nobody none nothing one other others ours ourselves several she some somebody someone something that their theirs them themselves these they this those us we what whatever which whichever who whoever whom whomever whose you your yours yourself yourselves

To Be
am are be been had has have is was were

aboard about above across after against along amid among anti around as at before behind below beneath beside besides between beyond but by concerning considering despite down during except excepting excluding following for from in inside into like minus near of off on onto opposite outside over past per plus regarding round save since than through to toward towards under underneath unlike until up upon versus via with within without

after although and as because before but for how if nor once or since so than that though till until when whenever where whether while yet

actually again ahead almost already also altogether always anyway apart automatically basically below briefly carefully certainly clearly closely completely constantly currently daily deeply definitely deliberately directly early easily effectively else elsewhere equally especially essentially eventually ever everywhere exactly extremely fairly finally forth frequently fully generally gently greatly hardly highly honestly hopefully however immediately indeed initially instead likely literally mainly merely moreover mostly naturally nearly necessarily never normally not obviously occasionally often originally perfectly personally physically possibly previously primarily probably properly quickly rarely rather readily really recently regularly relatively roughly seriously significantly similarly simply slightly slowly sometimes somewhat soon specifically strongly successfully suddenly terribly therefore thus together too totally truly twice ultimately unfortunately usually very virtually widely

alone anywhere aside away being can can't cannot could deep did didn't do does doesn't doing don't done downwards enough even every far get gets got having here inward just kept maybe might must next nowhere only ought our out own please quite said seem self selves shall should still such there thorough thoroughly well will won't would wouldn't young

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